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Re: Voluntary Disclosure of True Names

> <Part of Tim May's post>
> >the above is almost exactly what Dyson was saying, and I have been
> No, Dyson said "Therefore I would favor allowing anonymity -- with some
> form of traceability only under terms considerably stronger than what are
> generally required for a wiretap."    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I wonder what Dyson would consider acceptable?  Regardless, she is not 
going to get it.


> This implies a role for government, and concomitant restrictions on related
> anonymity technologies, to provide traceability. So much for mutual
> agreement between sender and recipient.
> (I have nothing against senders and recipients agreeing to use the services
> of some third party in providing ultimate traceability. I'm not wild about
> the U.S. Government being this third party, paid for by tax money, but so
> long as it is not required, it's a minor concern to me. I surmise, though,
> that use of the U.S. Government as a third party would not be optional, in
> the schemes of Dyson, Denning, and others of that ilk.)
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