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Re: DON'T Nuke Singapore Back into the Stone Age

>as are the Dworkin/MacKinnon-inspired anti-pornography laws which
>Canada uses to censor lesbian bookstores and gay magazines.
>For the most part, other than sex and drugs,

Somewhat ironic that the first material to be banned under the
law was by MacKinnon. Meanwhile Dworkin has no credebility at all,
in addition to her "anti-porn" crusading activities she has a line
writing sado-masochistic erotica.

>Mark openly violates the
>censorship laws, and his shop occasionally gets raided, and after
>the last bust they've decided he's a co-conspirator with everybody
>who's grown drugs using seeds or light bulbs bought from him,
>and they're playing a FUD game about whether to charge him
>with 8 life sentences, in under-5-year pieces....)

There are equally bad cases in Texas. Two brothers who ran a hydroponics
equipment store got jailed on "conspiracy" charges. 

There are problems in Canada, no doubt. I was simply pointing out
that the Teal case is a bad example. The Zundel case is a much more
apprpriate one.