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Re: What is the EFF doing exactly?

> >If this is the case she needs to be _much_ more careful about what she
> >says in `personal' interviews.
> <sigh>
> There seems to be a point being missed in this thread. :(
> This was not a 'personal' interview. The paper was not interested in 
> Ms. Dyson's views on anonymity on the internet because she seemed like a 
> nice person. The only reason she was interviewed is because of her 
> position with the EFF as chairwoman. 

Rather unlikely, actually. Dyson is far better known, everywhere but the
Internet early-adopter crowd, as publisher of Release 1.0 and an industry 
analyst. Same goes for a lot of our other boardmembers. Who many people 
outside of the civ-lib crowd know Jane Metcalfe from EFF, vs. from Wired? 
Even Mitch Kapor is better know as founder of Lotus than of EFF. A lot of 
press coverage she gets never even mentions EFF at all!  Barlow's 
probalby the only exception - retired ranchers and songwriters who aren't 
also singers generally don't attract many reporters.

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