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Re: German prosecutors redouble attack on Net, subversive leftists

> I wonder how they are doing this?  We know that the Germans allow full

There is an advisory around where the ISPs say that
they think it's not possible to block urls.

And even if they figure a way out to do this,
this mailing list proves (mirrors) that it's not
possible to stop the flow of information.
But the German Government doesn't seem to even
understand a bit how the inet works.

> this would increase the size of the blacklist that the Germans must use,

The Germans. I don't like this evil German bashing.
(which is quite obvios in some mails, although I
think not in this one, but I had to say this)
Some of us (some may say most, I'm not) are quite normal and
there are even some cypherpunks around :)

And as there are lots of ISPs in Germany (as in every
other country) they won't get everyone to resctrict the access
to some pages.