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Re: Metcalf and Other Net.Fogies

On Sep 05, 1996 10:27:34, '[email protected] (Timothy C. May)' wrote: 
Tim's right on the "old fogies." Providing you make the cut off at about
50-55. After that you get retro-infantiles like me (at 61) who have fallen
head over heels for the Internet, and are absolutely fed up with being
"mature-and-responsible" -- that truly sucks, sucks, sucks. 
Elsewhere in my field (architecture) I get accused by 40-55 year-olds of
trying to brainwash the under-30s. You bet I am, to warn them off the
"mature" assholes who think their warped experience is the best teacher,
when in fact all it teaches is how to be bent out of shape, and how to
project and promote that distortion as the definition of reality. 
That crippling narrow vision passes at about 50-55 when you realize that
you don't know shit, never did and never will. Every fails, in the end,
well before The End. So what. Laugh, don't go hurt somebody. 
Yep, self-deception is the certain sign of maturity, get used to it, it's
as unavoidable as the wars mature folks, fearing mortality, wage to kill
the helplessness in themselves. 
Still, I admire the ingenuity of under-30s and over 55s who can trick the
middling-matures into serving us, keeping us clothed and sheltered -- and
entertained at their pompous fatuities. 
Don't trust anyone between 30 and 55, especially those nuts with a Solution
for The Problem They've Dreamed Up.