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Re: Court challenge to AOL junk-mail blocks

On Or About:  6 Sep 96 at 23:16, Damaged Justice wrote:

> This is utter horseshit. AOL, like any private individual or organization,
> has the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason, or
> even for no reason at all.

Sure. I agree with that, no shoes no shirt, if you are on AOL you 
accept "internet-lite".

> The gubmint isn't doing SQUAT, except forcing
> AOL to allow the spammers access.

Right now.  Yet it has been apparent to me that many people are 
begging for restrictions to be put in place.  Restrictions on 
spammers.  The government saying anything about regulation of the 
internet is bad...  Yet people still scream about a couple of 
unwanted e-mails.  I'm saying that this spammer thing could be the 
"kink in our armour" that lets the government into our little 
playground here.  Just suck it up and delete those messages.

Jog it off.


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