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On  5 Sep 96 at 14:31, Anonymous wrote:

> This can lead into a long argument about just _when_ violence is
> initiated, where opinion is more important than fact, but IMO:

Agreed, if you live in a world of fantassy....

> Mr. Bell, if he follows through on his scheme, *will* be initiating
> violence.

You urge us not to get into the argument about "just_when_violence is 
initiated" and proceed to state the "Mr. Bell...  ...*will* be 
initiating violence".  What is that english word?  Dogmatic?  Nahhh, 
there must be a more precise one.   Please help me here...

> There are two roads to take in life, convincing and coercing
> others.

Looters of all persuasions have always counted on that and it worked 
for them for thousands of years.

> I worry that abuse of the very young and weak (for
> now) anonymity system for the purpose of initiating, rather than
> exposing, violence will lead to more government violence than we
> already have.

You could worry all you want, but your only way to assess wether or 
not it will happens is not through your feelings but trhough the use 
of your rational mind.  Stop "feeling" and start thinking.

> Perhaps I am wrong and there is no hope; but if so,
> that means another revolution.  Revolutions are very romantic
> sounding, to those who have not been in a war.

I suppose that this refers to AP.  If so, go RTFM because you 
conclusions and the workings of AP are not compatible.  AP would not 
lead to a war, per se.  Neither a civil war.

> I urge everyone to
> read "Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men" by Jeffrey Rogers
> Hummel for a look at what our last revolution got us (hint: it was
> *not* less government).

I urge you to have a look at what is at the root of the growth of 
govt.  It is not things but ideas, basic premises about life and the 
interaction between individuals.  Ultimately, basic premises about 
the nature of Man is what brought us more govt.

To understand govt excess, you've got to understand what is into the 
brain of the govt peoples.


"One of theses centuries, the brutes, private or public, who believe 
that they can rule their betters by force, will learn the lesson of 
what happens when brute force encounters mind and force."
                                             - Ragnar Danneskjold :)

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