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Re: Conservation Laws, Money, Engines, and Ontology (fwd)

On Fri,  6 Sep 96 14:04:51 -0500, Andrew Loewenstern wrote:

>>  I don't think any one step will solve all our spam problems
>>  but I wouldn't mind spending, say, 5 cents for each real piece
>>  of mail I sent outside my company and if end machines charged
>>  5 cents per piece of ouside mail received, I think spamming
>>  would be crippled.  (Note that with bad guy lists, you could
>>  collect the money and then just throw away the mail.)

>So would you be willing to pay $50.00 for this message you sent to  
>cypherpunks?  If there are a thousand recipients and each one charges $0.05  
>for the priveledge of you sending it e-mail....  It seems like such a scheme  
>would not only cripple spam, but public discussion lists like this one.

It's likely his $.05 would go to the list owner.  When signing up for the list
you would forfeit the right to collect on junk mail.  Charging spammers would
be up to the list...

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