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Re: Court challenge to AOL junk-mail blocks

[email protected] writes:
> In a message dated 96-09-06 23:31:06 EDT, [email protected] (Ross Wright)
> writes:
> <<  Everyone on this list seems to want to limit
>  government  intervention EXCEPT when it comes to spam, then every
>  one just holds the door open wide and let them in.  If they get that
>  inch, they WILL take the whole 9 YARDS!!!!!!  Get a clue, delete or
>  killfile those who spam and keep the government out of
>  cyberspace!!!!!!
>   >>
> Tell me about it. Im on AOL. WHO CARESSSSSSS if ya get one MAYBE two pieces
> of  mail you take LESS than a second to delete them both with the handy
> delete key. These people are wasting more time complaining about it than they
> will ever do actually deleting it.

I don't use AOL and ask others not to use it because they practice censorship.
(A service where one gets a TOS warning for saying "I'm horny!" in a chatroom
desribed as "Gay&Lesbian Sex discussion" deserves to be boycotted.)

However AOL would probably please their customers if it allowed them to filter
their incoming e-mail according to user-specified rules. E.g., if you could
choose to tell AOL that any incoming e-mail matching certain criteria should
be dropped on the floor, at no cost to you, I'm sure a lot of AOL users would
be very grateful and would use this feature. Ditto for other providers.


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