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Re: rc2 export limits..

isn't this what Bernstein's program that is the subject of a lawsuit in
california does?

On Thu, 5 Sep 1996, P. J. Ponder wrote:

> keywords:  ITAR, SHA, beneficial and innocuous crypto
> The persistent reputation known as Bill Stewart wrote:
> >Date: Wed, 04 Sep 1996 23:09:17 -0700
> >From: Bill Stewart <[email protected]>
> >To: Kent Briggs <[email protected]>
> >Cc: [email protected]
> >Subject: Re: rc2 export limits..
> >
> >I'm afraid my source is "Read it on the net and was surprised to hear it".
> >My assumption is that the limit is for software that implements
> >both signature and verification, since ITAR doesn't ban export of
> >pure-authentication software.
> The FIPS Pub (?180? ?181?) for the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) states in 
> the fine print at the beginning that SHA is export controlled.  I don't 
> have the document to refer to right now, but it plainly states that SHA  
> falls under ITAR.  As a cryptographic hash function, why would it be 
> controlled in this way?
> How can I use SHA to encrypt something for someone else to decrypt?  I 
> know how to use it for authentication; am I missing something here?
> I tried that OnNet32 e-mail software from FTP software.  It runs under 
> Windows95.  It is a lot of material to download, and way too intrusive to 
> install.  It wants to metastasize itself into the innards of Microsoft 
> Exchange and Inboxes, etc.  What is it with all this complexity anyway?  
> Why not just have a POP client that will check mail on the server?
> It also wants you to store your mailbox password in it, as opposed to 
> letting you enter it on a session-by-session basis.  I don't like that.
> sticking with PINE, PGP, and Xywrite II for now.... 

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