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[PARANOID NOISE]Re: TWA 800 - Friendly Fire?

At 06:55 PM 9/7/96 -0700, you wrote:
><[email protected]> wrote:
>> The one thing I have been thinking about, since the very beginning, is 
>> am I the only person who feels this might have been somewhat less than
>> unintentional?  It sure would be easy to take those rights away if
>> everyone is afraid for their "lives"...
>> Look at what has been happening in the news lately, and look at how 
>> much is "unexplained" or flimsy evidencially speaking, in the very 
>> least.
>> If, for instance, the government wanted to cut down on civil
>> liberties/civil rights, it would seem MIGHTY CONVENIENT that so much 
>> is "accidentally" happening so close together.
>> Ditto with the Olympics thing.
>> I vote something is QUITE fishy, and I guess I hope I'm not the only 
>> one paranoid enough to feel the same.
>Sure something's fishy. Look at the technological capabilities they
>have, and we're not keeping up with them. One example:
>L.A. riots, 1992. 6,500 or so fires, unknown arsonist(s). But very
>convenient for clearing certain properties if you're putting in a new
>freeway or subway tunnel, and you don't want to have to fight with all
>the riffraff who might be resistant to getting up and moving.
>So how do you light all those fires? Do it the hard way - plant the
>stuff (6,000-plus times!) and hope nobody catches your guys, or light
>'em up from satellites, using "new experimental" focused energy. Gosh,
>Mr. Bill, would they do that? Guess it depends on what you're willing to
>believe. Remember what Tom Wolfe wrote about? "The reason the folks on
>the East Coast (circa 1700's) were such easy victims for the pirates was
>the fact that they couldn't comprehend just how vicious and ruthless the
>pirates really were." (quote approximate).

For some reason I find seeing satellites flying in formation rather
disturbing. The classic 3-4-5 right triangle makes somebody's math easier,
I'm sure. I have watched the sky for 20 years and seeing that pattern glide
across the sky made we wonder just what the shuttle is doing up there. How
many satellites have been placed in orbit? How precise are their positions?