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Re: talker [is illiterate...]

        Perry, just look at the gall of the *illiterate* jerk; this 
    was his reply to me:

=            You know man I am a profesional so don't reply to me 
=            as a novice or anything. I have been doing this since I 
=            wuz 12. And I'm not young for my age I know alot 
=            about hacking and FYI there's alot you could learn from
=            me so don't think 23 is a young age pal.
=            Doom13

        takes all kinds.  that's OK, he'll make it to my filter which
dumps it to:



In <[email protected]>, on 09/07/96 
   at 11:40 PM, "Perry E. Metzger" <[email protected]> said:

= Floyd W Odom writes:
= > 	I am doom13. If there is anyone out there who is a hacker or >
= > would like to be one you can talk to me and find out stuff like
= > cracking. > Just drop a message at [email protected]

= Are you the same jerk who was posting a week ago?

one of the few things we all share: 
  the utter, corrosive contempt for our elected officials.