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Re: Edited Edupage, 5 Sep 1996

>>The Beijing government has begun blocking as many as 100 Internet sites that
>>offer material the government deems unsuitable for its citizens -- including
>>dissident viewpoints from Hong Kong and Taiwan, sites sponsored by U.S.
>>major media organizations such as CNN and the Washington Post, and sexually
>>explicit sites such as Playboy and Penthouse.  An official described the
>>blocked sites as suspected purveyors of "spiritual pollution."  (Wall Street
>>Journal 5 Sep 96 B12)

Gee only 100 bad sites on the net out of thousands of web sites.  Looks
cleaner than a hound's tooth to me.  And Germany trying to block two sites a
year (but failing).  At that rate they'll really "shut 'er down."

Note the subtle problem.  With thousands of "bad sites" combined with
bureaucratic sloth the governments of the world are bailing with a teaspoon.
We ca put 'em up faster than they can knock them down particularly since
they can't knock them down at all.