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"Intended Purpose" of the Cypherpunks List

At 3:09 PM 9/8/96, Wayne H. Allen wrote:

>    Well maybe, political issues galore certainly, but very very little
>to do with cryptography. I mean what does TWA 800 have to do with this
>list. I mean lets be completely honest here, whatever the original
>purpose of the list was for its been allowed to shift away from its
>intended purpose considerably.

I'm curious. You say the list has "been allowed to shift away from its
intended purpose considerably."

First, who "allowed" it. (We should perhaps track down those who allowed
this and rap them upside the head.)

Second, and more importantly, just what was its "intended purpose"?

While I delete immediately fantasies about how the Bilderbergers ordered
TWA 800 shot down with Russian Strelas as a warning for Bill Clinton, the
other discussions related to TWA 800, e.g., mandatory person-number I.D. to
board planes, increased inspections, national data bases of "suspicious
persons," etc., are very much on-topic for this list.

But, then, what would I know?

--Tim May

We got computers, we're tapping phone lines, I know that that ain't allowed.
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