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Re: talker

>>>>> "Chris" == Adamsc  <[email protected]> writes:

  > Hmmmm... Want to bet our other friend at juno.com sent him?  I
  > might just end up killfiling juno.com...  Obviously a low-IQ area
  > of the net.

Yup -- you're never going to see a very high SNR out of Juno:

  "Juno is completely free: no monthly charges, no hourly charges, no
   per-message charges, no sign-up fees, and no subscription fees.
   You don't have to pay for the software..."

  "Instead of charging its members, Juno will rely on revenues derived
   largely from selectively targeted advertising..."

Unfortunately, this policy also means that bogon-rich Junons can't
abuse Usenet for free, so they're spending their time party-crashing
mailing lists...

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