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Re: 9yrold

On Sun, 08 Sep 1996 14:44:40 EDT [email protected] (Floyd W Odom) writes:
>Does anyone out there know any kids mailing lists, because my little 
>brother Richard just joined and he doesn't have anything to mail to 
>he's only 9 years old.
>floyd odom
This message has nothing to do with the subject of this mailing list,
which is as 
stated in the Information File which you should have read, Encryption and
related issues. Your actions have been a nuisance, and you should cease
message writing endeavor. In regards to your message, have him write
to you stating how he thinks you should stop writing to him, and how he
doesn't need
e-mail anyways.
s/n ratio has been raised. Keep a tab on it.