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Re: What the NSA is patenting

>>>United States Patent                   Patent Number:  5264794
>>>                                       Date of Patent: 23 Nov 1993
>>>Method of measuring magnetic fields on magnetically recorded media using a
>>>scanning tunneling microscope and magnetic probe
>>techology isn't much different from what's publicly available), in this case
>>all they were doing was protecting their investment (just like the various PKC
>>patents originally assigned to universities).
>I'm sure there's going to be a REALLY marketable device out of this to get 
>royalties off of.
No, the market for the more mainstream MFM's is small (a few K devices), for 
MFSTM's it's even smaller (a few dozen?).  MFSTM's are usually built by 
universities for research purposes, which means the patent won't affect them.  
As I said before, it's purely a "we paid for the research, we want some paper 
to wave around to justify the cost" thing.
>Question: if we pay taxes, then we pay for the research. if we pay for the 
>research, we should be able to see the results, just like shareholders in a 
You can see the results, just read the Journal of Applied Physics or IEEE 
Transactions on Magnetics.
I know people like to come up with conspiracy theories about the NSA, but this 
patent won't work as the basis for one.