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Re: Junk Phone Calls, Metered Usage, and Cellphones

[ Telemarketer script removed, (spit :) ]
> As you yourself point out, their charging you for each incoming call during
> business hours is unacceptable. Why don't they bill the 42c / minute to
> whomever is calling YOU, as they do with LD and 900 numbers?

	This is why I really like the service that I have.  I have a
"personal number" that is my voice, fax, pager, and voice mail.  If 
someone calls it, it asks them to wait while it locates me.  It then has
a list of numbers it calls to try and find me (desk at work, cell phone,
home phone after 5pm or weekends).  When I answer it tells me who's on
the phone, and if I don't want to talk to them I just hit a key and throw
them to the voice mail wolves.

	As for billing the caller, from what I hear at work I think 
it's because of problems with the way the cellular network does billing
that (currently) make caller-pays cellular undoable.  But that's a telephony 
problem and I'm just the resident UNIX weenie. :)

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