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Lexis-Nexis Database

Note: personal experience indicates that L-N can remove you without
your SSN, so there's no need to provide it, though they'll ask for it.
Expect to attend a mandatory on-hold-music concert with a 20-25 minute
program.  L-N won't verify if your name is in the database, but will
"performa process which will remove you if you are there".

Andrew Fabbro <[email protected]>
ITD Marketing Research          
PGP mail preferred; finger for key    

PRIVACY Forum Digest      Tuesday, 3 September 1996      
Volume 05 : Issue 17

Date:    Tue, 3 Sep 1996 11:22:15 -0400 (EDT)
From:    Larry Hunter <[email protected]>
Subject: Lexis-Nexis personal information database

Lexis-Nexis sells a commercial database called "Ptrax" which holds
detailed personal information on nearly all Americans (L-N claims it
contains 300 million names).  This database includes name, current
address, up to two previous addresses, phone number, birth-date, social
security number, mother's maiden name and possible other personal
information.  This database is kept quite current.  Through the Nexis
Express service, this information could be available to any individual
with a credit card.

As most readers will are aware, such information could easily be used
for theft of identity and other frauds.  It is possible to have one's
name removed from this database by making a telephone request.  Call
(800)543-6862, select option 4 ("all other questions") and tell the
representative answering that you wish to remove your name from the
Ptrax database.  You may also send a fax to (513)865-7360, or physical
mail to LEXIS-NEXIS / P.O. Box 933 / Dayton, Ohio 45401-0933.  Sending
physical mail to confirm your name has been removed is always a good

As word of the existence of this database has spread on the net,
Lexis-Nexis has been inundated with calls, and has set up a special set
of operators to handle the volume.  In addition, Andrew Bleh (rhymes
with "Play") is a manager responsible for this product, and is the
person to whom complaints about the service could be directed.  He can
be reached at the above 800 number, selection option 4 and then ask for
extension 3385.

The information in this note has been been confirmed by me, and was
originally provided in forwarded messages from Russell Whitaker, Jason
Werner, Vern Winters, Katherine Florman and Reuben Snipper.

Larry Hunter
[email protected]


End of PRIVACY Forum Digest 05.17