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Re: Test...sorry about this - Reply - Reply

I subscribed just once, real name. Yep, the Welcome msg is ReallyTrulyFine[M].
 I reallytrulyread it.  High-traffic, though, is relative.  In light of
Z.B.'s post , I thought that maybe I , too, had a mail probem.  Seriously,
thanks for the info.  

>>> Jean-Francois Avon <[email protected]> 09/09 2:26 pm >>>
On  9 Sep 96 at 11:10, Barbara Gamble wrote:

> I got it too.  And since I am a new subscriber, I thought it might
> be the normal traffic.  The Welcome msg *did* say the list is
> high-traffic.  Still, I was aghast--300 all at once, another 100
> just in the last hour.  Is that typical? (Please forgive such a
> question from a newcomer to the list.)

Usually, between 35 and 100 posts a day, most of which I delete.  Did 
you subscribe twice or three times under slightly different names  (but
identical e-mail adresses)?

RTFine Welcome Message, it explains everything you have to know

Hope you'll stay with us.
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