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Re: talker [is illiterate

 In> =            You know man I am a profesional so don't reply to me 
 In> =            as a novice or anything. I have been doing this since I 
 In> =            wuz 12. And I'm not young for my age I know alot 
 In> =            about hacking and FYI there's alot you could learn from
 In> =            me so don't think 23 is a young age pal.
 In> =
 In> =            Doom13
 In> =

 Listen you little juno-using twit...

 I have been hacking (Yes, the Electronic B&E type of hacking) sinse 
 before you were a twinkle in the mailmans eye...

 YOU want to learn something?  Sit on your ass, and read... Dont waste
 mailbot space with the crap you write...

 [email protected]

... Eliminate spare time - buy a modem!

___ Blue Wave/QWK v2.20 [NR]