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Re: Satellite Bowel Movement?

At 3:12 AM 9/9/96, Blak Dayz wrote:
>        I was out buying groceries and after they scanned the shit through they
>told me that all the ATMs in the City were out due to connection problems. So i
>go home and start trying to scan for the shits and i cant find them. If anyone
>knows what the hell happened i would appreciate the details. I believe it may
>have been a solar flare that caused the companies to redirect their satellites.
>It would do me alot of help considering i had to pay CASH (i hate paper)
>for the
>stuff and i would like to complain to the fucking JPL and satt. operators about
>them warning the public.

I agree. In times like this, they should be warning the public! The
overload was caused by Zeta Reticulans draining more power from the grid
than had been planned by the Ruling Council.

Clinton dispatched _three_ of his Black Helicopters to Area 51, and they
kicked some alien butt. I think the Morks will be more malleable.

We on the Doom13/D&D/Cypherpunks list are wise to their wayz, and their
warez, and will issue aluminum foil helmets to all those in danger.

Latr, d00d!