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Re: One Time Reply Blocks (was Re: strengthening remailerprotocols)

At 4:19 PM -0700 9/9/96, Bill Frantz wrote:
>On Sun, 8 Sep 1996, Lance Cottrell wrote:
>> Mixmaster prevents replay, so flooding multiple copies of a single message
>> will not work. This is the reason Mixmaster has no reply block feature. I
>> can see two ways in which replies can work safely.
>To paraphrase John Von Neumann, any system which uses reply blocks is in a
>state of sin.  By this I mean that if there is a chain pointing at you, a
>sufficiently powerful attacker can walk down that chain and find you.
>Given that, I will join the state of sin by proposing a mechanism which
>will allow Alice to receive a reply from Bob, but change her mind at any
>time.  The basic idea is to have a one-time reply block which either Bob or
>Alice can send to.  If Alice thinks that too much time has elapsed, and
>powerful enemies are walking down her reply block chain, she can send
>herself a reply and break the chain.  (She might send a reply thru each
>link in the chain to break all the links.)

The reason the message is not resendable is that the remailers keeps track
of the serial number of that header. If forced, the log of serial numbers
could be deleted, and the operator would process the message.

Unless you are assuming some key archived by each remailer for the reply
block, then I think it will be possible to repair the chain.


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