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RRE: Computers, Freedom, and Privacy

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Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1996 12:37:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bruce R Koball <bkoball>


                Call for Participation

        San Francisco Airport Hyatt Regency Hotel
                Burlingame, California
                   March 11-14, 1997

CFP97: Commerce & Community will be sponsored by the Association for
Computing Machinery SIGCOM and SIGSAC. The host institutions will be
Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley.
Co-sponsors and cooperating organizations include the ACM SIGCAS, the
Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Center for Democracy and
Technology, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, and the WELL.

CFP97: Commerce & Community is the latest in a series of annual
conferences assembling a diverse group of experts and advocates from
the domains of technology, business, government, and academia to
explore the evolution of information and communication technologies and
public policy, and its effects on freedom and privacy in the United
States and throughout the world.

Past CFP sessions have discussed, debated -- and often anticipated --
issues of great social import.  In this tradition, CFP97: Commerce &
Community will examine the social and policy questions posed by:

* the growth of electronic communities;
* electronic commerce and the commercialization of cyberspace;
* the problems of legal and regulatory control of the Net;
* the interests of privacy and property in the electronic domain;
* high-tech law enforcement and security concerns.

The CFP97 Program Committee invites your suggestions for presentations
on these or other important issues at the nexus of technology,
business, public policy, freedom, and privacy.

Proposals may be for individual talks, panel discussions, debates, moot
courts, moderated, interactive sessions or other formats.  Each
proposal should be accompanied by a one-page statement describing the
topic and format.  Descriptions of multi-person presentations should
include a list of proposed participants and session chair.  Proposals
should be sent by email to [email protected] If necessary, typewritten
proposals may be sent to: CFP'97, 2210 Sixth Street, Berkeley, CA

Please submit your proposal as soon as possible.  The deadline for
submissions is October 1, 1996.  (Please note that we have extended our
deadline for submissions)

For more information on the Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conferences,
as well as up-to-date announcements on CFP'97, please visit our Web
page at:   http://www.cfp.org

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