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U.S. Presidential Odds Are In

Hello, I am the anonymous oddsman, here with the U.S. presidential odds, kindly provided to me by a person who wishes to remain anonymous. Some of you know who I am, and I would prefer that my true identity remain a mystery, as what I am doing may well be slightly illegal AFAIK. Thank you.

Ladbroke's customer service person [number +44 181 8621820 (that's a London area code)] looked up the info.  He had to call someone else to get Perot's odds. Next time (if they even have them) Harry Browne odds.

Here's what Ladbroke's said today:

1:7 Clinton
4:1 Dole
50:1 Ross Perot

That's all for today, this information will be posted aproximately weekly, but more often as the election approaches or major events happen, and certianly more often if my posting it appears to be somehow annoying U.S. authorities. ;) 
the anonymous oddsman