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Re: ... subversive leftists

> >As to the "Reichskommander," in our country, and on the Net, such jokes are
> >not illegal. I rather suspect they are in Germany, either the DDR or the
> >Western side.
> >
> >As to "tasteless and insulting," a matter of personal perspective. I find
> >it helpful to call a spade a spade, and others apparently do as well.

Perhaps you call a spade an axe.
To all those who haven't got the point:
a. Im antifa.
b. It's easy to say things when noone can get you.
It's harder to say the truth in the face of a skin
with a baseball racket.
c. I hope I get not killed for this :)

> Ja, Ja. Das ist gut. Ve make chust a little choke now.
Perhaps you meant:
	  Ist ja gut ;)

Was the Vance you quoted Jack Vance ? The author ... 
Just curious.