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FW: Terrorists

[email protected] (Timothy C. May) wrote:
>Crypto anarchy means the undermining of governments, and hence handouts to
people by government. People will only move physically for physical jobs, and
not for handouts. People will flow to where the jobs are, and jobs will flow to
where the people are. Isn't this what we really want?

--Tim May

Absolutely. I get tired of living in a small city of only 3 million. And when
enough people have moved to urban areas cars will naturally become less useful
because we won't have the room or the time to use them for intracity travel.
Bicycle riding will then become the norm. And the weekend will be rotating with
1/7th of the population off on any given day so as to minimize the traffic loads
and make better use of available resources.

And power will concentrate in large organizations that will replace most of the
functioning of the government. A crescendo of self organized criticality. 

I don't know if reference to Crazy Eddie or a growing sand pile makes a better
oblique closing comment.


Got them Red China Blues...