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Re: [WAS xs4all.nl] Terrorists (fwd)

Stephan Schmidt wrote:
> Perhaps my connection is only disrupted accidently, but
> I can't access www.xs4all.nl from one account
> (the two others still work).
> IP tried :
> SPG: What is the 'new' IP ?

The numbers are rotating every hour, so i can send you 
a the ip-number every hour to trace to :)

> (I hope you don't think I'm a spy for
> the German Government :)

spy's are not interrested in ip-numbers i think.
> Perhaps this time we have to
> proove that it's impossible to
> block an IP/Web site, so that all govs
> get a clue about who inet works.

i think they have already or will be informed by
the ICTF in some day's. Look at:

Also note one of the first lines:
ACHTUNG: Dieses Dokument (einschließlich aller Anlagen) darf bis 
zu seiner Vervollständigung und Freigabe weder zitiert, 
in WWW-Server eingestellt, noch abgedruckt werden.



ps. stephan, can you forward this to the list. I'm reading this list
on a server with mail2news, also as a newsgroup i cant reply to ;(