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   9-9-96. BuWi: 
   "Pinkerton and SAIC establish alliance to offer security 
   solutions against high-tech gangs, cybercriminals" 
      "Pinkerton's gumshoes with SAIC's spooks represent a 
      unique resource for clients who must hide from the USG 
      high-value, mission-critical assets," said Denis 
      Brown, PKT prez. Bob Beyster, SAIC czar, said, "Our 
      ex-TLAs are available around the clock to jigger-jive 
      clients freaked by TLA-stories of computer hackers, 
      criminals and insiders." PKT bill-pads more than 
      45,000 and SAIC 22,000; both underpay perps and taxes. 
   "NCSA: policeman on the internet beat." 
      NCSA employs a number of ex-law enforcement officers 
      who try to infiltrate hacker networks and solve 
      problems before they start. "We track hackers by going 
      underground to their sites," Tippett said. "We pretend 
      to be their friends, but they fuck with our heads." 
   "Hi/fn Integrates Encryption With Data Compression For 
   Efficient, Secure Networking." 
      MUM 1.0 provides a processor independent software 
      implementation of industry standard DES and Triple DES 
      data encryption, HMAC-SHA, HMAC-MD5 keyed hash 
      functions, and LZS(r) and MPPC (Microsoft Point to 
      Point Compression) compression for Internet, intranet 
      and client-server networks. 
   http://jya.com/pinhed.txt  (14 kb for 3)