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Looking for Love

Hi, I'm Sham69, the best, most feared computer and telecom hacker in 
America.  And I'm looking to loose my cherry!

Me:  17, 5'8", brown eyes, scraggly hair, inch-thick glasses, pocket protector.

Interests:  late night romantic candle-lit pizza and coke dinners, dumpster
diving by the AT&T corporate offices, making free phone calls all over the
globe, collecting Kevin Mitnik memorabilia, keeping up with the adventures
of those hot babes at The Spot, sleeping on the floor of a cheap Vegas motel
with thirty other geeks at DefCon.

You:  Sexually adverturous, unconcerned with personal hygiene, experienced
at microwaving cold pizza, limited social skills, interested in the Web,
knowledge of DOS batch files a plus.

Please send responses to Box 4456, [email protected]