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Crypto-plutocracy: Cypherpunks mentioned on cover of Oct Wired

Splashed on the cover:

"He was the most powerful banker in the world.
"So why is he talking like a cypherpunk?
"Walter Wriston, on the future of money. The Wired Interview.


"An amazingly frnak Wired Interview with Walter Wriston about money, the
economy, and the state in the Digital Era. By Thomas A. Bass."

Wriston is the former chair and CEO of Citicorp/Citibank. Good interview.
Though he does say equate crypto nonproliferation treaty to "like a
nonproliferation treaty for atomic weapons" where "an international agency"
could hold the keys.

But it's not an important point to him, really. He's more interested in
making money than talking politics.

I call it crypto-plutocracy.


PS: Check out my cyber-rights report card on Clinton v. Dole, page 95.
Co-written with Brock.