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Re: Hacking Mobil Telephone System ?

On Wed, 11 Sep 1996, Stephan Schmidt wrote:

> The German Company MobilCom wants to proove
> that the German GSM networks D1,D2 and E+ are
> secure.
> If a hacker is able to phone using the number
> 0171 / 3 28 99 66 in Germany with a hacked code,
> the company will pay 100.000 DM (~65.000$) to a non
> profit organisation of the hackers choice.
> Is someone able to do this ? :)

While there's dubious wisdom in trying to tell Der Polizei, "I was just
responding to an authorization that I found on the Internet that says it's
OK to phreak your phones - honest," I'd also expect to get paid a hell of
a lot more than $65 for doing a penetration test on their network.  Sixty
five bucks won't even pay the per diem, none the less a reasonable wage.
And Der Polizei is *NOT* known for having a sense of humor about anything,
at any time, with anyone.  Remember, kids, they may look like shit in
uniform, but those automatic weapons they carry are real, so's the ammo,
and they know how to use both of 'em.

And *I'll* decide if and when I want to give it to charity, just like I do
with the rest of my salary, thank you....

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