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Re: talker

CC`d to cypherpunks mailing list:

I recieved this this afternoon (11/9/96), this has gone far enough, 
would anyone here care to join me in mailbombing this guy?

just reply this mail to him at [email protected]
about 100 times or so, if we get about 100 people to do this it 
should generate enough traffic to close his account down.
my reply to his mail is at the bottom:

> Listen up you son of a bitch! Don't fucker call me a peice of horse shit
> you cocksucker or I'll mailbomb your ass so many times you won't even
> think of replying. You don't know shit about my hacking  mother fucker.
> Fuck you and go suck on some media crypto pussy shit. 

Listen you spotty socially unskilled adolescent masturbator:

Your petty and pathetic claims amuse me, I laugh at your worthless 
and dirty existance peon.

What have you ever hacked, have you broken any encryption codes, 
have you found security weaknesses by new and ingenious methods, have 
you practised within the hacker ethic?

I think not

You are a *WANNABEE*, a punk who knows not the slightest thing about 
systems security, can`t code, and couldn`t hack his way out of a wet 
paper bag, your mailbombing threats are about as technical as you can 

in addition your flames show no linguistic creativity, just a bunch 
of crude words thrown together, get an education you trailer 

Mailbomb me, go ahead punk, make my day, if you dare to even think 
about doing so I will kick your ass, I will hurt you in ways you 
cannot imagine, I have carried out vindictive personal vendettas 
before and will do so again if necessary.

 Go on, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker. 

Yours with the greatest respect:

Paul Bradley MbM

  Datacomms Technologies web authoring and data security
     Paul Bradley, [email protected]
         "Don`t forget to mount a scratch monkey"

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