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Re: Ban CU Secrecy, Keep TLA's!

>    Mr David Bickford, the first British intelligence lawyer 
>    to speak publicly in the UK, said at a conference in 
>    Cambridge, 50 miles north-east of London, that there 
>    "appears to be no justification at all for offshore bank 
>    secrecy other than to protect the criminal". 

Apart from tehe confidentiality of the customer, bank, all those they 
trade with and all other interested parties, well then, they can`t be 
that important can they

>    He said "offshore bank secrecy can and must be abolished" 
>    and "the UK should be the first to abolish this secrecy 
>    given their control of their dependent territory offshore 
>    centres". 

So because we choose to maintain a statist and totalitarian empire we 
had better set an example of how to do it to the rest of the world???

>    Mr Bickford, who now runs an international legal 
>    consultancy, said "endemic corruption" is caused by 
>    offshore secrecy, and it is "difficult to see why it is 
>    tolerated by any other than those with an unlawful 
>    disposition". 

It is also diffult to see why I don`t go round to mr. Bickfords 
house and kill him, his dog, and his pet hamster, but I don`t, nor do 
I intend to, to say that we cannot see a reason for people wanting 
privacy is no justification for legislation that prohibits such 

<for any spook agencies etc. reading the above, it is NOT a death 
threat, it is a sarcastic comment>  

>    He said allowing countries to maintain offshore banking 
>    secrecy is "a classic example of the corruptive influence 
>    of organised crime". 

It is a classic example of privacy and freedom in a free society (not 
that I believe Britain falls into this category)
Has anyone got this guys IQ, it`s probably the first ever negative IQ 
in the history of the world, cheer everyone, its a historic find.

Mr. Bickford, I believe you to be a fuckwit, feel free to prove me 


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