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Re: Hacking Mobil Telephone System ?

On Wed, 11 Sep 1996, [ISO-8859-1] Jüri Kaljundi wrote:

> Actually 65.000$ is pronounced sixty five thousand dollars not sixty five
> dollars, at least in Eastern and Central Europe. 

Ok, Juri - you win the award of having been the FIRST of the 875,00
(actually, 27 - count 'em, 27) people who sent me mail to say that in
Europe they use a comma, not a period, for their decimal point.  Sorry to
all of the rest of you who entered the contest, but you don't win squat.
Juri, you don't win squat either, but you do get this nifty little
proclamation that you were the very first.

After having traveled in Europe, I was certainly familiar with the
difference in the notation.  You also think, however, that I would have
paid more attention to what the hell I was reading before I shot off my
mouth (via my keyboard), but I didn't.  I think this is called a "brain
fart" (note to our European brothers and sisters - over there, I think you
call it a "mental fugue" or "Parliamentary election," I'm nor sure which).

This concludes our contest of the day.  I would like to thank EACH and
EVERY one of you who contributed an entry.  No further submissions will be
accepted.  Void where prohibited.

BTW, $65,000.00 USD (translate per local convention as necessary) is
*STILL* not enough to a) go up against the German police, and b) fund a
penetration attack that would bring about the opportunity to play with
really cool toys.  After all, screw the profit or charity, right?  When
it's all said and done, IT'S THE TOYS THAT REALLY MATTER. 

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