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Re: Child porn as thoughtcrime

Chuck Thompson writes:
> Well Andrew, pornography is meant to lead to arousal, which can lead to
> aggression, which may lead to abuse.  It's a fairly common path according to
> what I've read on deviancy.

Going into a bank can lead to casing out the joint, which may lead to
a heist.  Should this make the posession of pictures of banks illegal?

I don't think that anyone here is advocating kiddie porn.  The problem
that TCM pointed out is that in fighting kiddie porn, legislators
have started banning _thoughts_ that _could_ lead to child abuse.
This is one great leap forward into the police state.

>  Following is one association's opinion, but
> don't stop there, read for yourself what some of the deviants themselves
> have to say:

You're seeing the trees and missing the forest.  It could be
any activity, say the abuse of animals, that winds up being
used as a wedge to create the police state.

If the government started tatooing red 'P's on the foreheads of
convicted pedophiles, would anyone notice the irony?