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PANIX.COM down: denial of service attack

WSJ 9/12/96


Panix has been under attack for the last week by someone flooding
their server with bogus "requests for information" [see below] ...

The attack(s):

* "Have rendered almost defenseless the small NY company"
* "...began late Friday afternoon ... were still continung yesterday"
* have targeted "computers that control WWW pages, store e-mail, and 
still others that link Internet addresses to Panix subscribers."

"The hacker [sic] has been sending up to 150 requests a second to 
Panix's computers, seeking to establish a connection ... the requests, 
presumably generated by a malicious computer program, contain fake 
Internet addresses, which the computer must sort out before they can 
discard them.  The computers have choked under the deluge."

"As to who might be targeting Panix, the firm's Mr. Rosen speculated it 
could be someone upset by the fact that the site hosts, free, the Web 
site for Voters Telecommunication Watch...."