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Re: Kook Of The Month

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Subject: Kook Of The Month

Eat this Dr. Scum Bag
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Please stop e-mailing me, cc:ing me, or otherwise harrassing me.
I have no connection with the thread you're quoting and don't
want to receive any more e-mail from you.

[email protected] writes:

> >> There
> >> are a number of anonymous remailers out in cyberspace, but it has been
> >> stated by a knowledgeable source that a number of them are being operated
> >> by law enforcement agencies (presumably to troll for criminal activity). A
> >
> >Can someone verify/discredit/comment on this statement?  Who is the
> >knowledgeable source?
> Definitely true.  Zero is a number, and there are also larger numbers.
> KOTM = Kook Of The Month.
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