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Observer's defense of "Internet Pornography" article

If you haven't overdosed on the Observer articles yet, you can read
their defense on http://www.observer.co.uk -- it is rather self-serving,
but it could have been worse.

The only revelation is that Demon (the major Internet provider) plans
to block access to some newsgroups/sites.

Also, assuming I read between the lines correctly, Demon receives three
billion (with a "b") e-mail messages per day. I can never remember whether
British usage is "thousand million," or "million million", but the numbers
seem a bit large in any case. Perhaps they mean "3 billion bytes of e-mail."
(Assume ten million Demon subscribers and three thousand million e-mail
messages. This implies that the average subscriber receives 300 e-mail
messages per day. Are they all subscribing to Cypherpunks?)

Some other numbers:

-- 180,000 newsgroup articles received per-day (per server).
-- "tens of terabytes of data, (each equivalent to 750,000 floppy
   disks) move across a network of about 10 million machines." This
   seesm to refer to all of the Internet.

Martin Minow
[email protected]