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Fed appellate judge remarks re anonymity, free speech on the net

The Daily Journal, a LA/SF legal newspaper had an article today (9/12) about
a lunchtime address given by Ninth Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski last Monday
at an Internet Law Symposium in Seattle.

The article quotes Kozinski as saying "I have a severe problem with
anonymous E-mailers . . . You don't have a right to walk up to somebody's
door and knock with a bag over your head." The article says Kozinski likened
anonymous E-mail to menacing someone.

Kozinski also suggested that computer-generated or morphed images of
children involved in sexual acts may not be protected under the Constitution
because of ongoing trauma to the child, while computer-generated or morphed
images of adults would be protected. 

The article says that Kozinski was skeptical that he or other federal judges
necessarily agreed with the 3rd Circuit's ruling in _ACLU v. Reno_ (finding
the CDA unconstitutional). 

Kozinski is considered relatively conservative and relatively libertarian,
as 9th Circuit judges go. 

Copies of the Daily Journal should be available at larger newsstands in CA;
interested parties might try DeLauer's on Broadway near 14th St in Oakland
if you're in my neck of the woods. (They usually have extras for the
preceding week or so.) Also try Barnes & Noble in Santa Monica or the
newsstand whose name escapes me in Westwood, if you're down there. 

(Also in today's news, the 9th Circuit upheld a CA statute forbidding sales
of material considered "harmful to minors" from vending machines.)

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