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Re: Nonsense, absolute nonsense... [Fwd: HipCrime and Spam]

> These people have invited the email, and the associated expense, by placing
> a public email-to: button on their public www page.

Most people put up an "email to:" button on a public page for 
communications related to what's on the page. It's quite a stretch to 
assume that this invites any and all email from anyone who cares to send 
whatever they want. I can't say I've ever seen one that said "Please send 
SPAM(tm) to:" ...

However, since others may think like you, I guess I'll have to add a line
above my link stating that email not related to the purpose of my site
will be happily proof-read at the rate of $200 per hour, 1 hour per 60
lines, minimum. Perhaps I'll get lucky. If I get a big enough chunk of 
SPAM(tm), it might be worth the costs of breaking down the anonymity.

Until know, I'd never really figured out what causes lawyers.  :)

> A more acurate analogy,
> and to the point, would be if a business sends you a postage pre-paid
> business reply card, that is blank, and invites your comments on the card.
> They can hardly complain of the expense when people actually send it in,
> even if they don't like the comments.

No, this b.s. is more like having someone put a dead skunk in my mailbox, 
with no return address, trying to prevent me from sending them 100 dead 
skunks as a return favor. And about as welcome. 

- r.w.