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Morph Escrow

At 12:40 AM 9/13/96, Greg Broiles wrote:

>Kozinski also suggested that computer-generated or morphed images of
>children involved in sexual acts may not be protected under the Constitution
>because of ongoing trauma to the child, while computer-generated or morphed
>images of adults would be protected.

Hence the proposal for "morph escrow":

"Upon presentation of a valid court order or Presidential Decision
Directive, a complete morph history of any image deemed possibly of
prurient interest must be presented to law enforcement."

As the law cannot tell if an image of prurient interest started out as a
legal image of Raquel Welch or Jennifer Aniston, or started out as an
illegal image of a minor child, morph escrow will force all image
possessors and distributors to produce proof that the image started out
legal. Failure to escrow morph histories, or possession of an image with an
authorized morph history escrow certificate, is punishable by not less than
six months in jail.

--Tim May

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