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No Subject

Here's a collection of your various threats:

> I suspect you may soon be hearing from far worse than I ...
> Some punks take their colors seriously.

> Congradulations. I had at first thought you were a simple fool. 
> Now I'm certain you're an idiot.

> Sounds to me like every remailer can legally be altered to send a 
> small message to hipcrime every time it processes any messages.

> if anyone's got a T3 handy, you could always take the direct approach.

In making these threats, you've mistaken me for someone who cares.
Someone who cares what you send to my box.  I'm actually, and in fact,
homeless in real life.  Yes, both an "idiot" and a "simple fool":
your compliments in my book.  My only equipment is access to friends' 
computers, and a free dialup that the big-hearted SysOp at V-Site gives
me.  (By the way, you've been merciless to him).

In view of this fact:  Do you think that even 1,000,000 messages into 
my stupid electronic mailbox would matter?  Some nights my worries are
of a place to sleep, not how many messages will accumulate during my 

CypherPunks live so far from real-life, that it's impossible for them
to communicate rationally.  Never having any danger in their lives,
they want to avoid encountering any in "cyberspace".  They are trying 
to craft that new world according to their intellectual guidelines.
Trying to make sure real-world annoyances have been removed. 

This is what HipCrime's real offense was:  providing a piece of 
unexpected (ok,ok "unwanted", if you prefer) stimulus.  Only a single 
one.  A tiny-little URL, but sent without warning, anonymously, and 
pointing to a strange site.

Since I've UNSUBSCRIBED from your CypherWimps mailing list, and still
receive your messages (two copies, the one you send me, and the one
you send the list), my only conclusion is that Email is your only
social discourse.  Take notice that after this, all future messages
from y'all will feel the power of the DELETE button (unread and barely

Think of how easy it is to move around in "cyberspace".  Do this math:  
	1,000,000 messages = 1 new domain + 1 new mailbox.

In this argument you win, junk Email is SPAM ... but junk SnailMail is


-- HTTP://www.HIPCRIME.com