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Re: Sen. Burns' statement on postponement of Crypto vote today.

On Thu, 12 Sep 1996, David Lesher wrote:

> Robert Hettinga sez:
> > From: somebody
> > Administration in next two
> > weeks will unveil its "new and improved" encryption policy, which will likely
> > offer a shift in licensing to Commerce Dept., and gradual easing of
> > exportable strength, in exchange for industry-funded key escrow management
> > demo projects.
> I hear that the Feebs and DOJ are upset that they do not have enough
> pull in NSA/Commerce decisions; and wants to get in the middle of
> process. Industry is screaming over that.

James McAdams III in the Office of Intelligence Policy and Review is
arguably the most infuential intelligence policy official in the country.

DoJ has plenty of say and to my knowledge they are not at all bitching.

> Of course, Feebs et.al have not legal standing in ITAR decisons, but
> that's not stopped 'em before....
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