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Unrequested mail from Mr. Babayco

At 4:28 AM 9/13/96, Z.B. wrote:

>It doesn't matter if you get one or one hundred messages - both are still
>annoying as hell.  If I wanted whatever you're advertising or selling,
>I'd come look for it.  I'd prefer that you not mail me.

Mr. Babayco,

I did not request your mail to me, and I am annoyed at having received it.

I am not interested in the views you are advertising or selling, and I'd
prefer that you not mail me.

To make me whole, I demand that you send me $125 for this occurrence, and
$125 for each future occurrence.

Have a nice day.

--Timothy C. May

cc: Law firm of Canker, Sleazewell, and M. Dooza

(sauce for the gander?)