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Thoughts about Morph Escrow Crimes

[email protected] (Timothy C. May) wrote:
>As the law cannot tell if an image of prurient interest started out as a
legal image of Raquel Welch or Jennifer Aniston, or started out as an
illegal image of a minor child, morph escrow will force all image
possessors and distributors to produce proof that the image started out legal.

It is not hard to imagine a future where computer modelling has reached the
stage that a real picture is not required. An obvious extension of this is a
film with computer generated actors.

Now, consider this scenario:
1) The computer generated image is "indistinguishable" from reality.
2) The computer generated image depicts something considered obscene or illegal
under present laws (e.g. pedophilia).

At some point in the future it would seem possible that the computer generated
image will be treated as a real image under the law (and evaluated accordingly)
because it is indistinguishable from a real image.

Or perhaps we will take the other tack and simply say: What is truth?

I'm not quite ready to wash my hands on this issue.


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