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Re: ALPHACIPHER - An unbreakable encryption program.

On the below "conspiracy theory" comment:
Aren't "conspiracy theory" and "conspiracy theorist" now used as 
catch-all (and derogatory) terms by mainstream afictionados to identify 
persons and orgs they consider to be enemies of the statist point of 
view? Remember the last election when Mr. Paraniod (Perot) was running, 
and newspeople were using the term "conspiracy buff", then, when 
reminded that the mainstream folks have their own sacred conspiracies 
which they milk much money from, they (the newspeople) switched to 
"conspiracy theorist" instead.

I have to laugh when Bugliosi gets on TV ranting about how "there 
couldn't possibly be a conspiracy in the OJ murders", but how easy one 
forgets, Bugliosi gained his lasting fame from a ridiculous (seemingly) 
theory about "Helter Skelter", etc.

Roy M. Silvernail wrote:
> In alt.security, [email protected] writes:
> [ attribution scrambled ]
> >> True, but somehow I have a feeling that Alphacipher is not a one-time
> >> pad, and thus is breakable.
> >
> > This assumption is not true.  ALPHACIPHER is, indeed, based upon an OTP.
> > We've solved all of the problems associated with pad creation,
> > distribution, packaging and many other concerns that have previously
> > limited the use of a cipher in this class.
> Their web page alludes to a OTP-like operation where you have to
> purchase key "refills".  It doesn't say where they store the escrowed
> copies of the key material.
> > Visit our net page at http://www.aa.net/cyber-survival-hq for more
> > information, and read the reply in response to the unfounded attack by
> > Curtin, posted above.
> I recommend this page, if only for the great conspiracy theory about
> automated telephone line scanning.
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