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   9-13-96. WaJo: 
   "Magazine's Recipes For Hackers' Havoc: Warning or Weapon?" 
      Whoever attacked Panix could have found guide in latest 
      issue of 2600. 2600's editor defends the article as a 
      way to point out holes in computer security that need to 
      be fixed. He says similar attacks have occurred before, 
      and that he's not even sure the hacker who attacked 
      Panix used 2600 as a guide, since an on-line publication 
      recently published similar directions. 
   "Internet Censorship in China, Singapore May Affect 
   Law-Abiding Citizens Most" 
      For the underground dissident or hardcore pornography 
      enthusiast, the latest moves in Asia to censor the 
      Internet pose little challenge. The greatest effect will 
      be on normal, law-abiding citizens, experts say. 
   FiTi: "Intelligent machines will take control of our lives" 
      Before long, every vehicle will be fitted with a GPS 
      receiver, making its position known to local area 
      traffic management systems. In the home, a financial and 
      stock control system would automatically order food and 
      groceries when necessary. Intelligent machines might 
      "decide" that it would be more efficient not to order 
      any more food - and shut you out of the house. 
      "It's more or less inevitable. Business and science will 
      drive this to the utmost." 
   http://jya.com/2600it.txt  (10 kb for 3)