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Re: PANIX.COM down: denial of service attack

Alan Olsen <[email protected]> writes:

> At 10:13 AM 9/13/96 -0400, [email protected] wrote:
> >> "As to who might be targeting Panix, the firm's Mr. Rosen speculated it
> >   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >
> >It could, of course, also be someone, from a set of several million, that
> >find Mr. Rosen to be such as odious prick that they did it just to drive him
> >out of their misery. Just thinking out loud..
> Or it could be any of the readers of 2600 (which published an article on
> SYN floods in the last issue).

Come ON, folks. I've met Alexis. I don't like many things he does, and
I'm sick and tired of the shitty Usenet feed he gives me :-), but he's
much less of an "odious prick" than practically any other ISP owner, large
or small. If anyone was looking for an "odious prick" to harrass, they'd
probably start with Barry Schein of world.std.com.


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