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Re: Workers Paradise. /Political rant.

On Fri, 13 Sep 1996, Timothy C. May wrote:
> The 70% already _are_ cutting the throats of the other 30%. It's called a
> 60%+ tax rate. This is the sum of: federal income tax, state income tax,
> city tax, sales tax, gas tax, energy tax, property tax, entertainment tax,
> special excise taxes on alcohol, cigarettes, etc., and miscellaneous other

I'm not sure how you get to 60%; I assume you're talking average tax 
rate, not marginal; whenever I've tried to figure out my average rate, 
even in California, it never went above ~31%. This included a pack of 
fags a day, which is the most heavily indirect taxed item in your list.

If you're smoking enough to get up to 60%, you've got worse problems than 
taxes :)


   Is anyone on cpunks working at Harry Browne's hq in DC?  Some friends in
Carolina asked me to pick up some bumper stickers and stuff before I 
leave the District.

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